Day 35 : Brunch @ Artisanal

Spent the valentine’s day morning at Bravern with brunch at Artisanal and a little shopping at Anthropologie.

Day 34 : Thenos Dairy

First time here inspite of living so close by. Fabulous icecreams! Bought some milk too..

Day 33 : Shopping Time :)

I went to Bellevue Square mall “just like that” and ended up buying a whole bunch of stuff. A little from the “whole bunch”.

Day 32 : To Die for Brownies!

I made a second batch of these awesome brownies!

Day 31 : A Glass of Red

I sometimes love having a glass of red on the side while cooking dinner and love it even more when i can have some more with dinner 🙂

Day 30 : Perfect companion for tea!

Marie biscuits are the perfect companion for chai – eat them on the side, dunk them – whatever way you have it!

Day 3 : The tree that always has leaves

Eventhough we are in the middle of winter now, this tree has not shed all its leaves. I remember this to be the case last year as well. This is our only source of any color anywhere outside 🙂